Clean Air Filters Improve Efficiency

There are many factors that can affect a car's gas mileage, from the type of fuel being used, the type of driving you are doing, and the general health of your vehicle. One of the biggest factors in improving fuel efficiency has nothing to do with fuel however, it has to do with air.

Vehicles require gas, a spark, and oxygen in order to create the internal combustion needed to drive the engine. The oxygen is taken from the air outside and then passed through an engine air filter to remove any particulates. If this filter is clogged or otherwise dirty, it can greatly reduce airflow. This airflow restriction can have a negative impact on fuel economy. At Round Rock Genesis, this is a service that we provide, and it can help you save money at a relatively low cost.

If you've noticed an increase in gas usage or other performance issues, bring your vehicle to our auto parts center today and see if your air filter is working as efficiently as possible.

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