Is it Time to re-Tire?

New tires have even tread and strong sidewalls and usually require nothing more than air and rotation. Over time, the rubber treads wear down, and signs of excessive wear are important cues for driving safety. You can look for objects embedded in the tread like nails or sharp objects. For many drivers, wear occurs on either the inner or outer edge of the tires.

Houston area drivers understand the importance of good tires. The tires meet the road and hold your vehicle to the surface in all types of weather conditions. The condition of the tires affects safety, handling, steering, and stability. You must replace worn tires.

At Round Rock Genesis, we consider tire safety to be a priority for every driver. We can inspect your tires and indicate areas of concern. If your tires show signs of excessive wear, then please stop by our location. We will show you the best way to repair, service, or replace your tires.

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