Know When to Maintain or Replace Your Headlights

In order to be as safe as possible when driving down the road at night, or in low-light conditions, you need to have headlights that are illuminating the roadway brightly. If at any time you notice that a headlight is out, not functioning properly or is dim, you should get a new headlight installed.

On most vehicles on the road today, changing the bulb in the headlight is a simple matter. Taking the entire assembly off is not usually required. When you have your vehicle in for a headlight replacement, make sure all the other lights are checked for proper operation. If your headlights are just dull because the housing is clouded, this can be corrected, and the headlights can be restored to brightness.

If you live in the Round Rock area, come to our service bays for headlight restoration and replacement. The service department is able to provide this service, and other services, for your vehicle.

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