Windshield Wiper Fluid Plays an Important Role

Windshield wiper fluid performs an important function: keeping your windshield clean and allowing you to clearly see what is in front of you. If you do not keep your windshield clean, then your visibility will suffer, which is a safety hazard.

You should never attempt to fill the chamber with water because it is going to freeze at a much higher temperature than proper windshield wiper fluid will. You cannot clean the glass with ice. Real wiper fluid is also very different from ordinary water because of its unique ingredients. These cleaning solvents and detergents allow it to handle grime and dead insects much more effectively than water.

Residents of Round Rock, TX who are considering using water as a substitute for real windshield wiper fluid should strongly reconsider their decision. The auto service experts here at Round Rock Genesis is here to help if you need more information about windshield wiper fluid and how to pick the right one.

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